Wedding Dress Sketch

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Thursday, 12th May 2016

Hand drawn / Designer sketch

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【東京布街】首次統整公開 ! 給喜愛手作拼布的你, 3分鐘搞懂東京買布

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特別統整,針對販售方向有主題的布店做介紹,當然,經過Silvia實地走訪,還有很多很棒的店是地圖沒有標示的喔! 因為纖維街地圖只標示賣布的店家,因此不少CP值很棒的店,Silvia都會一起幫忙說明唷。
Tokyo fabric town shopping guide.
It's a dream place for sewists. From Japanese style prints to Ukiyo-e-Prints on fabric are available. whats more! You can find well preserved secondhand kimono. Here will point out some special stores that worth to visit. Help you to find out the shop you love. 

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